Bethan Staton is an independent journalist currently based in Jordan.

Her reporting is currently concerned with the effects of the refugee crisis, the struggles of marginalised groups and the challenges facing humanitarian aid, but she’s interested in a wide range of subjects.

Bethan has reported from Palestine and Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and the UK, for the Guardian, New Statesman, Al Jazeera English, Newsweek, Quartz, LA Times and many others. Her work has focused on the refugee crisis, Israeli occupation in Palestine, development and security in the Sinai and the rights of women and minorities across the MENA region.

Bethan is also a writer at Jordan-based news service Al Bawaba, where she covers viral news and  neglected stories from across the Arab world, and is a managing editor at My Kali, the longest running LGBTQ magazine in the Middle East.

In the UK, Bethan was a staff writer and editor at The Day, a media start-up, where she wrote explanatory news and easy-to-digest analysis for a teenage audience, as well as managing social media and outreach among school communities. She started her journalism career at Varsity, Cambridge University’s student newspaper.

She’s worked in consultancy roles for a variety of NGOs in the field of women’s rights, press freedom and community cohesion, and has experience in video production and editing, research, subediting, commissioning and all areas of digital journalism.

In her spare time Bethan enjoys listening to and writing about pop music, reading and photography. She speaks Arabic and holds a degree in English Literature from the University of Cambridge.